Support and legal assistance for the protection of your work

Why use our services ? To protect your work, transfer the rights, build your website, draft template agreements, establish payment terms and conditions, secure your working relationships, …

You will receive appropriate legal assistance pertaining to Copyright, Industrial Designs, Right to one’s Image, Name and Privacy right. Reach out to us and avoid future concerns by finding all the answers to the questions generated by your artistic work.


Within the Swiss, French and Belgian territories, we will provide monitoring and legal assistance all along the process of the creative work (protection of the work, drafting, analysis and negotiation of contracts regarding its exploitation), and we will help you consider the relevant and necessary legal proceedings in case of infringement of your rights (letter of formal notice, counterfeit procedure, …).


You are : a Publishing House, a Writer, a Journalist, a Museum Curator, an Exhibitor, a Gallery Owner, a Communication Agency, an Advertising Agency, a Graphic Designer, a Web designer, an Architect, an Interior Architect, a Designer, a Photographer, a Drawer, an Illustrator, a Painter, a Sculptor, a Producer, a Stage Director, a Film Director, a Composer, a Musician, a Singer, an Actor … 

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