Support and legal assistance for your business and non-profit projects

Why use our services ? To register your trademark, build your website, negotiate the transfer of rights on the logo and website, negotiate and draft a confidentiality agreement to protect the initial talks on the project, draft template agreements, establish payment terms and conditions, have a template purchase order available for artistic work and general terms and conditions, secure your working relationships…

You will receive appropriate legal assistance pertaining to Copyright, Trademark, Industrial designs, Media and Information Technology law. Reach out to us and avoid future concerns by finding all the answers to the questions generated by your business or non-profit project: should I register as a trademark the brand of the business I wish to launch? Which legal notice should appear on my website? What should be protected? How to protect it? Which legal instincts should I develop?


Within the Swiss, French and Belgian territories, we will bring to you the legal point of view necessary to the development of your project and we will help you consider the relevant and necessary legal proceedings in case of infringement of your rights or conflicts with third parties.


You are : an Entrepreneur, a Small and Medium Enterprise, a Project Leader, a Non-Profit, …

How can we help you ? Please click on our suggested services according to your career or contact us directly for an initial informal meeting.